The organisation has its origins in Albatross 78, a consultancy firm founded in 1978 by business researchers and consultants with links to Lund University. Their goal was to increase business leadership skills and thereby the ability to take ongoing changes in the business world and crisis situations and turn them into something positive.

The Hjärntrusten (Brain Trust) concept was introduced some years later as a result of the experience gained in conjunction with restructuring assignments. It became apparent that the role of the senior executive, and their immediate colleagues, was crucial to the success of all development, improvement and change activities. Inviting executives to join a trust increased their ability to handle challenges. This proved to be a successful path to business innovation then, and the same is still true today. Over the years, more than 500 executives and business leaders from a variety of national and multinational companies and organisations have participated in Hjärntrusten’s activities.


Hjärntrusten today

For over 25 years, Hjärntrusten has helped develop people and, through them, businesses and organisations. Our activities are conducted in the form of trusts consisting of hand-picked executives, primarily from the private sector but also from public-sector organisations, with work led by a senior trust manager with many years’ experience in leadership roles.


One could describe each of these trusts as a shadow management group comprising a broad coalition of people and personalities from a variety of organisations and industries who each contribute their own perspective on the challenges that we as executives and leaders face – all under the strictest confidentiality. Over the years many collaborations have been initiated and deals made as a result of Hjärntrusten’s activities.

We start with the belief that the role of any senior executive comes with heightened responsibility, as they directly and indirectly influence many other people within the organisation over which they are responsible and, thereby, society as a whole.

Hjärntrusten also organises seminars and meetings with a variety of themes and content aimed at trust delegates and businesses affiliated to Hjärntrusten. In this context, we also invite members of the extended network of business leaders built up by Hjärntrusten over many years.

In addition to trust activities, Hjärntrusten also offers customised mentor and skills-development programmes.

About Us

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Advisory Board

Interested in becoming a member?

You are most welcome to apply for membership in Hjärntrusten – we will contact you to arrange an interview if your profile fits. During the interview we will have the opportunity to get to know you a little better and gain a deeper understanding of who you are, your areas of interest, where you currently are on your career trajectory and what challenges you are facing. This is prerequisite for being able to offer you the optimal trust for your particular situation.

Our membership criteria are largely based on the position you hold within your organisation but we also consider the complexity, size and turnover of the organisation, the number of employees, the challenges you are facing and, of course, your personality. We target senior executives working in both the private and public sectors and see the advantages inherent in building bridges between different societal functions. One precondition for membership is that you are prepared to share your experience and thereby contribute to the development and success of others.


Contact information

Hjärntrusten Management AB
Prästavägen 12, SE 224 80 Lund, Sverige

Interested in becoming a member?

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Skills development

We offer you professional, business and personal development in a somewhat less in-depth format.


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Our trust delegates are

We handpick our delegates from a variety of organisations and industries in order to gain a wide range of perspectives, experiences and personalities in each of our trusts.

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Inspiration and
new contacts

Within the framework of Hjärntrusten’s activities, we organise seminars, workshops and other forums for our delegates and our extended network.

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Current News & Articles

Det är en otroligt givande öppenhet inom Hjärntrusten. Redan efter ett par möten är ”garden” långt nere och folk pratar, ber om råd och diskuterar sin situation rakt och öppet.

Eva Östling, VD för Visita

En styrka med Hjärntrusten är att man kan få en ’second opinion’ kring viktiga beslut och frågor. Ofta är man ju rätt ensam, så att få diskutera med likasinnade är verkligen värdefullt.

Peter Berntson, koncernchef på Swedwood International AB (inom IKEA)

Det viktigaste med Hjärntrusten är det nätverk man får. Det är intressant och tankeväckande med utbytet av åsikter. För en gammal branschräv som mig är det givande att få ett nytänkande från andra branscher.

Sture Östlund, regionchef region Syd, NCC